Buena Vista CC will be celebrating the fine distinction of providing Championship Golf and Superb Banquet & Catering services for the last 60 years.  The celebration begins on July 14, 2017 and will last while we are 60 – W O W !!!

From the early days as a private country club and then as a solid daily fee facility, BVCC has been a small part of many, many individual experiences.  Those experiences may very well be in the millions which translates into something quite B I G !!

Throughout the year, we will announce various promotions which will be beneficial to our golf customers as well as our catering customers, for the group as well as the individual.  So, check back in with us periodically and see what's happening.

Special Events

Throughout the year, Buena Vista hosts special events, such as Mother's Day, New Year's Eve, etc.  In this year of "BV60", we will be focusing on, you guessed it, all things 60. So, stop back from time to time and see what we are offering.

Golf Outings

Many of you have participated in a golf outing at Buena Vista over the years.  Behind the scenes, the staff at BVCC has worked diligently with the organizing committee (or individual) to provide you with a great day of golf and food.  There's nothing like diving in and we believe that this special promotion is a great way of kicking off the celebration.

Introducing the "BV60" Golf Outing Menu. Very much like what one comes to expect of a golf outing held at Buena Vista, the "BV60" Golf Outing Menu consists of...

♦ Outdoor Buffet Lunch (slightly enhanced with a 1/4 Keg of Beer)

♦ Shotgun Start 18-Hole Golf

♦ Awards Banquet w/ Buffet Dinner

♦ Complimentary Green Fee Certificates to enhance your prize pool

So what makes this menu so special? That's easy enough to answer. We want you to celebrate right alongside us. Therefore, we are capping the cost of your first 60 golfers to a mere $60 pp*. And if that isn't enough, all golfers above 128 are also capped at $60 pp*. Now that is a great way to celebrate, right !?! For all of the details, please download a menu.

Perhaps your golf outing likes to tee off in the morning and you are wondering why you were left out. Well, do not fret. We haven't forgotten about you. If you didn't already think of it, let us introduce you to the "BV60" Golf Outing "AM" Menu.  You guessed it – we have replaced the Outdoor Buffet Lunch with two different styles of Breakfast, buffet or continental – that's your call. However, the pricing program remains the same.  To read the pertinent details, download it here.

*Weekends & Holidays under different parameters; please consult actual menu

Catered Events

So you are thinking about planning an Anniversary Party, Retirement Dinner, Bridal Shower; or you are on the planning committee of your High School Reunion; perhaps you want to hold an event to raise funds for charity and need a cocktail party.  Buena Vista has a menu for all of those occasions, whether it be for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or cocktails.  However, you really would like to make it a bit more distinctive than that.

Buena Vista is able to provide all of those exceptional things to enhance your event, but you aren't quite sure whether you can afford it.  The solution is simple... take a look at the "BV60" Specials Menu.  The "BV60" 60 Percenter is the promotion that you need.

Once you determine which menu and type of event that you prefer, you can choose from an array of items on our Amenities Menu and/or Beverages Menu. The selections you make on those menus will cost you 60% of the published price.  Not sure if you want an Open Bar; maybe you need a carving station or pasta station; or you want to really step up your dessert presentation.  We are celebrating, you should be too!!!  To learn more, download the menu here.


If you are thinking about where you would like to hold your wedding reception, you should be thinking Buena Vista.  BVCC is ready to make your day a special one!  Thousands of couples have celebrated their nuptials with us and each has found unique and interesting ways in which to do it.

One thing is a certainty, your guests will be looking forward to the music, the dancing, the evening with friends & new acquaintances and very importantly, the food & drink. We want you to celebrate with us by choosing from our wide array of menus, without worrying about the pesky cost.  This is why we have developed the "BV60" Premiere Wedding Menu.  It has all of those nice things rolled up into one...

♦ 3-Hour or 4-Hour Open Bar

♦ One Hour of our fabulous Hot & Cold Hors d'Oeuvres

♦ Carving Station during the hors d'oeuvres hour

♦ Celebration Toast for those opting for a 3-Hour Open Bar

♦ Sitdown Dinner or Buffet Dinner – your decision

♦ Buena Vista's Sweet Table Dessert

♦ White Glove Service

That surely is a wonderful presentation for you and your guests. Under normal circumstances, this could be a fairly expensive affair. But wait, we are celebrating our 60th, so join us, won't you?  We think you will.

The cost of the "BV60" Premiere Wedding Menu is a mere $60 pp*. What ???  Well, yes, that is absolutely correct.  To learn more, and view all of the food choices, download the menu here.

Yet we can't help but wonder about those of you who would like a little less food for your wedding or possibly would prefer to host a party with no sign of a wedding in sight.

We believe we have it covered – a nice four hour party, cocktails, and some great desserts.  Behold the "BV60" Cocktail Reception Menu.  It certainly will fit the bill...

♦ 4-Hour Reception

♦ 3-Hour Open Bar

♦ Two Hours of our fabulous Hot & Cold Hors d'Oeuvres – you choose

♦ Two Carving Stations

♦ Buena Vista's show stopper Ultra Finale Dessert

By now we hope that you have been paying close attention.  Again, under normal circumstances, this could be a fairly expensive affair.  Isn't the suspense just killing you?  Drum roll please...

The cost of the "BV60" Cocktail Reception Menu is a mere $60 pp*.  To learn more, and read through all of the hors d'oeuvres choices, download the menu.

*a gratuity service charge plus NJ State Sales Tax will be added to the final cost

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