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One of our staff members will be contacting you shortly. When we contact you, please be prepared to advise our representative if you are no longer interested in canceling or if you have a change to your request. We will cancel your starting time reservation once the details have been confirmed via the phone communication.

Provided that you are entitled to a refund, and while it is possible that a refund could be processed in the same phone call, it is likely that we will review the details of your original purchase subsequently and then contact you at a later time once we are prepared to issue the refund. If you are entitled to the refund, you WILL receive the refund.

If you have any question about your starting time cancellation request, you can always send us a Contact Us... submission.

The following information has been submitted to our staff.

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How To Complete This Form

The purpose of this form is to request a cancellation of a reservation for a future starting time that had been made via the Payment Authorization process. Please ONLY SUBMIT THIS FORM TO CANCEL A STARTING TIME THAT HAD BEEN PAID FOR IN ADVANCE. If you wish to cancel a starting time reservation that you did not pay for in advance, Contact Us... by phone or visit the golf shop and advise us.

Once we receive your request, we will start the process of canceling your starting time. If we have not previously discussed the cancellation with you, we will contact you by phone to confirm the cancellation details. After we have confirmed that you no longer wish to retain your starting time reservation, we will release the starting time and make it available to other customers, immediately.

You may or may not be entitled to a refund based upon the terms in place when you made your starting time reservation payment. Your cancellation request will be reviewed to determine if a refund is due. If you are entitled to a refund, a refund may not occur immediately and may take as much as 72 hours to process — yet, you WILL receive your refund. If you are not entitled to a refund, the circumstances surrounding your cancellation will be reviewed and a determination made if credit can be offered.

If after we have released the starting time, you determine that you would prefer to reverse the cancellation, unfortunately, you will be required to make a new starting time reservation with whatever required method is in effect at that time.

While circumstances have resulted in a cancellation of your starting time reservation, we hope that you will return to play golf with us on a different day.

Individual With A Paid Starting Time Reservation

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Starting Time Cancellation Misc Details

Cancellation Agreement

By submitting this form, I am requesting a cancellation of a starting time reservation, or a partial starting time reservation, that I have purchased previously for a future date and time. The specific details of the cancellation will be discussed and confirmed via phone communication before becoming effective. I understand that once effective, the canceled starting time reservation(s) will be released and made available to others, immediately. Furthermore, a determination will be made as to whether I am entitled to a refund. If I am entitled to a refund, I further understand that I may not receive the refund immediately. In order for the refund to be issued, I will provide the same credit or debit card information that was used to purchase the starting time reservation(s).

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