You need a facility with the expertise!

You need a facility with experienced staff!

You need a facility with spectacular golf course views!

There are many reasons and answers to the question why. Yet, at Buena Vista, we understand that our job is to provide the services that you are looking for in such a way that we aren't in your way. Rather, we are interested in learning from you, the ideas and goals for your event.

Although it is expected that a wedding is the event of events, all types of functions have taken place at BVCC with each having its own character, defined by you. You may be hosting a family function where grandmom and grandpop are celebrating their 60th anniversary, your company is deciding to run a golf outing as a thank you to the efforts made by your staff, cool Uncle Joe is turning 35 this year and you would like to send him out on the links while you surprise him later with his closest friends hanging out for some unique apps and drink.

It really doesn't matter what your purpose is, the staff at Buena Vista is ready to provide you with what you need to make your event a success. When it finally comes to that day, we know that you probably have worked as hard or harder than us coordinating your event, and nothing beats the compliments that stream in with the accompanying smiles!

Your event starts with proper planning. Our banquet director and his staff are ready from the first phone call that you make or e-mail that you send. We will help you with choosing your date, providing an overview of your day--essentially guiding you and making you familiar with the decisions that you need to make. Additionally, this process may be foreign to you, especially if you are embarking upon it for the first time or haven't coordinated a function in a while. Don't worry, as we are there to advise how to bring it all together from reviewing the timeline of events, to making recommendations on menu choices, to the coordination of outside vendors.

A successful event requires the efforts of all involved. The staff at Buena Vista does its best to do its part, but does recognize the varied entities that provide services, such as decorators, photographers/videographers, florists, DJs/bands, bakeries, golf merchandise suppliers, party supply outfits, theatrical companies and the list goes on. Having conducted thousands of events over the past decades, BVCC has a great deal of familiarity with many of the local contractors that provide these services. When you sit down and discuss your event with our staff and describe your desire for how you would like it to culminate, we are ready to assist. Although many provide very good services, it is often wise to find the vendor that is well matched for your event.

Depending on the type of event that you are hosting, the details can be simple or complex. If you are worried or overly concerned about your ability to pull it off, in a word... Don't!!

Don't worry. Don't be overly concerned. We are here to help. When it's all over, your guests will appreciate your having invited them.

Why, BVCC? It's really simple--you won't regret it!!

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