How do I make a starting time reservation?

Due to regulations within the governor's executive order that permitted golf courses to reopen, we are not able to open our golf shop to the public. Therefore, we are making starting time reservations over the phone. You should not contact us by phone. Please visit our Payment Authorization page to begin the process. After we receive your authorization, we will call you to discuss your desired starting time options and assist you in making the reservation.

I am paying but not playing; how do I handle that?

When completing the form on the Payment Authorization page, the person authorizing payment, otherwise known as the Reservor, is identified in the First Name and Last Name fields. This individual is automatically added as Golfer 1 in Starting Time A. If the Reservor is not one of the individuals planning on playing golf, check the Not The Reservor box and you will be able to type a different name into the Golfer 1 field.

Why am I only permitted to make (2) starting time reservations?

During the re-opening, while maintaining the regulations in the governor's executive order, the maximum number of players that can play golf has been reduced by 50%. Therefore, given the increased demand, there are relatively few opportunities for golfers to play. In an effort to make it accessible to everyone, we are limiting the number of starting times that one person can reserve.

I have a foursome that meets the criteria; what are the steps?

When completing the Payment Authorization form, there is a spot where you can select the number of golfers in your group. If you choose one or two golfers, there isn't much else to do other than supply the names of the golfer(s). If you have more than 2 golfers, then in addition to providing the names of the golfers, you will also need to specify the relationship that those golfers have with the first golfer in the group. As we have no way of proving the accuracy of your information, we encourage you to provide the information honestly. You may also choose a second starting time and the same procedure applies when completing that portion of the form. As of 5/19/20, golfers will be able to resume play as foursomes.

How are you handling threesomes and singles?

We are permitting both threesomes and singles to reserve starting time(s). However, the circumstances will vary depending on the time of day and the day of the week for your starting time reservation. Certainly, we encourage you to find additional golfer(s) and play as a twosome or foursome. Given that the very large majority of golfers are playing in twosomes during this re-opening, we will pair individuals if each person is in agreement. Therefore, it will be helpful when completing the Payment Authorization form, if you can indicate whether you are willing to join another single to make a twosome. This applies to the threesome as well since the third golfer will likely be playing as a single behind the other two in their threesome group.

How long will it take before I receive a phone call?

The Starting Time Reservation process permits anyone to request a starting time for any future date and time. We will process all authorizations in the order that we receive them. However, we will likely only process payments for certain days at any given time. For example, if you are interested in a Wednesday starting time, and it is presently Saturday, it is likely that we are processing reservations and payments for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. You will remain in the queue and when we start processing Wednesday payments, you will be called in the order that your authorization arrived. The closer to the present day that your reservation date is, the sooner you will receive a call. Yet, if the opportunity presents itself where we can make additional calls beyond the days we are actively processing, we will contact you sooner than originally anticipated.

Why is my pre-payment non-refundable?

The primary reason that your starting time reservation must be paid in full with no possibility of refund is due to the newness of this process. As strong a reason is the diminished number of available starting times in order to conform with the governor's executive order. Cancellations without replacement starting time reservations would be too devastating at this time. We encourage you to be sure that in fact you are interested in playing golf before you provide us with your credit card information. We hope to modify this policy in the not-so-distant future.

When can I play?

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic closure of businesses, we would take starting time reservations on an 8-minute interval. Another aspect to the new regulations set forth by the governor's executive order is that we must not allow starting times to occur in less than 16-minute intervals. Essentially, there are four available starting times per hour. As a general rule, as this reopening commences, we are planning on the first starting time at 8:04 AM Mon - Fri, 6:12 AM Sat and Sun. The last starting time is at 1:56 PM Mon - Fri, 3:32 PM Sat and Sun. If circumstances call for it, we will extend the available starting times.

How many golfers can play in my group?

Only two (2) golfers may play per starting time. However, if all of the golfers in the group are related to each other in the permissible ways, a maximum of four (4) golfers can play per starting time. If you believe that you qualify for more than two players, please be prepared to provide that information on the Payment Authorization form. Additionally, we may require no less than two (2) players per starting time under certain circumstances. As of 5/19/20, golfers will be able to resume play as foursomes.

What should I expect when I arrive at the golf course?

Broadly speaking, the sequence of events is: arrive at the golf course; visit the starter/cart attendant; load your bag on the golf cart; drive to the first tee; play a round of golf; return the golf cart to the place that you received it; carry your golf bag and personal items to your vehicle; go home satisfied that you spent some quality time doing something you love to do.

A few details to heed: arrive not much sooner than 10 minutes before your starting time; visit the starter/cart attendant not much sooner than 5 minutes before your starting time; await instruction as to when you are permitted to drive to the 1st tee; leave your trash in the golf cart, our staff will clean it up and prepare it for the next customer.

What changes will I notice on the golf course?

There have been specific changes made to the golf course. All bunker rakes, ball washers, fresh water coolers and most trash cans have been removed to reduce the number of objects that may be touched by more than one person. The cup on each green has been filled with a foam object that prevents your ball from falling into the cup so that there will be no need to retrieve the golf ball from the cup.

What if my ball lands in a bunker that has not been raked?

Since there are no bunker rakes, over the course of time, it is likely that your golf ball could land in a divot or footprint. You may improve your lie in the bunker, provided that you do not move the ball any closer to the hole. There is no penalty for having done so.

How do I finish a hole when the ball cannot fall into the cup?

Make your putts as you normally would. If your ball strikes the flagstick, which has been raised above green height, that shall count as a make. Count all strokes including that putt to record your score.

How do I keep score?

Scorecards and pencils will not be available. We recommend that you keep score on your phone or bring your own pencil and pad. Please do not share these items with anyone as that would violate the social distancing guidelines.

I have an upcoming outing. What can I expect will happen?

In the early days of reopening, a golf outing may still take place provided that the golfers conform to the restrictions defined in the governor's executive order. However, it is not likely that a shotgun start will be permissible. The circumstances of each golf outing will be different than the next. Please contact the golf shop to discuss. Please bear in mind that the present day circumstances are not expected to persist forever. We intend to work with you in an effort to provide you with a good golf experience.

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