On this page of our website, you will be able to learn the policies and procedures that we are enacting temporarily during the COVID-19 Golf Course Reopening process. If you would like to make an inquiry, you can Contact us...

Governor's Executive Order

On or about 1 PM, April 29, 2020, Governor Murphy made an announcement that he was reopening public parks as well as golf courses. By 8 PM, that same day, a copy of the executive order was made public. As it covered more than just golf courses, only a portion of the executive order addressed issues that affect golf course operation and customer interaction. The contents of the executive order can be found by going to the state web site, nj.gov.

The executive order detailed nearly 15 different points. Most of these points address the manner in which our staff and the golfer should function to conform to proper social distancing guidelines.

On 5/18/20, in Executive Order 147, the governor is permitting foursomes beginning on 5/19/20.

Starting Time Reservation

To begin the process, for those of you familiar with Buena Vista CC, the method upon which you will be able to reserve a starting time will be different during this temporary reopening period. (2) particular points addressed in the governor's executive order relates to starting times. Specifically, the starting times will be staggered in 16 minute intervals. Essentially, we will be following our normal tee sheet while making every other starting time unavailable. Second, the number of players that can play in the same group is a maximum of two. However, there is an exception that permits more than two if the people that are playing in the group are immediate family members or have other permitted relationships. At Buena Vista, we are making a modification to the first point by requiring that each starting time be a minimum of two players with some exceptions. In the event that you meet the criteria that the players in your group are related un at least one of the permitted ways, we will be able to accommodate a threesome or foursome. As of 5/19/20, golfers will be able to resume play as foursomes.

To accommodate the high demand, you may start the process of making your starting time reservation by visiting the Payment Authorization page. The purpose of this page is to acquire your authorization to charge your credit or debit card over the phone as a non-refundable prepayment. Once we receive your authorization, we will contact you at the phone number that you provide. During that phone call, you can discuss the starting time(s) that you are interested in reserving. Once that has been determined, a representative will supply you with a total cost and confirm that you are still interested in making the reservation. If you choose to make the reservation, you will be required to supply your payment information. Once the transaction is complete, your reservation will have been made.

The reason that we are handling your starting time reservation in this manner is so that we conform with another point in the governor's executive order to close all buildings, including the golf shop. In an effort to maintain fairness in the bookings, we are also limiting the number of starting times that one individual can purchase in one transaction to two (2). This policy may be modified, so please check back with us when you are ready for your next starting time.

Golf Course Expectations

During the month of April, we have been maintaining the golf course so that it would be ready when it became time to open. All things considered, we believe that you will find the condition of the golf course to be commensurate with the condition that you have come to expect in the early part of May in any given year. There will be some significant changes, however.

We have removed all ball washers, fresh water coolers, bunker rakes and most trash cans. All of these items have the potential of being handled by more than one individual. The tee markers have been installed and we ask you strongly, not to touch any of these. Furthermore, we hope that you can keep your trash in your golf cart, but there will be a few trash cans made available on the golf course. Please be careful and deposit your trash without touching the trash can.

Golf Play

Each green will have the flagstick in the cup. However, we are strongly reminding you that it should not be touched. The flagstick will be placed in the cup by our staff. It should remain in the cup, untouched, until the next time that our staff needs to move it to a new location on the green. The cup will be installed in the ground as per usual except there will be a foam object in the cup preventing your ball from falling into the cup. You will make your putts in the same way that you always have. If your ball strikes the flagstick, it will be considered to have been a make. We then recommend that you use your putter to knock the ball away from the flagstick area. You can then pick-up your ball and allow the other player(s) to complete their putts.

In this way, nobody should have a need to touch the cup or flagstick to retrieve their golf ball. When it is not your turn please maintain a minimum of 6 foot distance between yourself and others. When it is not your turn at the tee box, please remain in the cart until it becomes your turn. Given the lack of rakes in the bunkers, you may improve your lie, no closer to the hole, without a penalty.

Social Distancing

When you arrive on the property, you should have already paid for your round of golf. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your starting time. The buildings will not be open except for the need to use the rest rooms. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you with your golf bag. The expectation is that you will move from your car, to your golf cart, to the first tee, while maintaining limited interaction with others.

 1. Bring your golf bag and other items with you to the bag drop at the edge of the parking lot
 2. Be prepared to show identification and state your starting time
 3. Our staff will have a golf cart available for you
 4. Each golf cart will have been cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival
 5. Load your bag onto the golf cart
 6. A staff member will advise if it is the appropriate time for you to move to the first tee
 7. Once everyone in your group is at the tee, you may begin your round
 8. At the conclusion of your round, please return the golf cart to the bag drop area at the edge of the parking lot
 9. Remove your golf bag and any personal items from the golf cart. Our staff will take it from there

Enjoy Yourself

Golfers are passionate about the game. There will be a small amount of discomfort in proceeding in a manner that is safe for everyone, customer as well as staff. Yet, we want you to enjoy your round of golf. Life has changed for all of us, but we start to take the steps now to return to normalcy. We move forward more educated and prepared to live our lives safely with respect of others. Thank you for considering playing golf at Buena Vista CC.

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