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*** Unless Required, Most All Starting Times Are Made Over The Phone ***

There are two methods that you can use to play golf at Buena Vista CC: make a starting time reservation, either by phone or in person; or, arrive at our facility ready to play (not recommended). If you choose the latter, we will be glad to accommodate you provided that there is an opening (for certain days starting time reservations will be required). The preferred method is to make a starting time reservation. In order to do so, here is a simple guide to follow:

1. Visit the Payment Authorization page, if any of the following are true: the number of desired starting times is (2) two; you are a single; you have been provided instruction by one of our staff members; the desired starting time reservation is affected by a Pre-Pay Only Designation; or, you prefer to make payment in advance.

2. Otherwise, you may Contact Us... by phone or visit the golf shop in person and we will take your starting time reservation. You will be expected to provide your name and the number of golfers in your group. Payment for the starting time reservation will not be required. However, you will be expected to arrive early enough prior to your starting time such that each golfer in your group can render payment without delaying your ability to start on time.


Pre-Pay Only Designation

For particular dates, times and promotions, the only method of reserving a starting time is via the Payment Authorization method. If a Pre-Pay Only Designation applies to a starting time reservation of which you are interested, a starting time reservation will not be able to be made in person or over the phone without first having submitted an authorization. A pre-payment will also be required. The following list will be updated regularly:

‣ No Requirements At This Time

Cancel A Starting Time

In order to determine how to cancel a starting time, you first need to determine if you pre-paid for the starting time.

If you made your starting time reservation without a pre-payment, then you need only to Contact Us... by phone or in person and we will process the cancellation with you at that time. Once you know that you will no longer need the starting time or need to modify the number of starting times or number of golfers in your reservation, we would appreciate being contacted as soon as you are able to do so.

Cancellation of starting time reservations that are made with a pre-payment must be initiated by visiting the Starting Time Cancellation Request page. Cancellations and refunds are different. We will always accept your cancellation. Your ability to receive a refund will be dependent upon the terms upon which you made the starting time reservation payment.


Do I need to contact you before I submit a Payment Authorization or Cancellation Request?

No. Yet, we ask that you please determine if it is necessary to do so. There are circumstances that require a Payment Authorization and Pre-payment as well as a Cancellation Request. If you are not sure based on what is described above, please do not hesitate to Contact Us... and make an inquiry. Clearly, though, we ask that you do not submit a Cancellation Request if you did not pre-pay for the starting time that you wish to cancel.

I need to cancel my starting time reservation, however, it is only a few hours from now and I only recently learned of something that is going to prevent me from playing golf at that time. I understand that I won't be entitled to a refund. What are my options?

First, we suggest that you submit a Cancellation Request form to document your circumstances and the date and time of your need to cancel. We will review the situation and it is possible that we may be able to provide a credit toward future golf, however, this is not a guarantee, nor is it a guarantee that what we can offer you will be acceptable to you. Yet, we are very willing to discuss the matter with you.

One of the players in our group is unable to play. Can I cancel just the one player and maintain my starting time reservation?

Yes. There is one of two methods to accomplish what you are asking, dependent on your circumstances: if you have not pre-paid for your starting time reservation, then Contact Us... and advise us of which player will not be with your group—simple; otherwise, you will need to submit a Cancellation Request and provide the details in that submission. We will determine if you are entitled to a refund and process it as soon as we are able to do so. We encourage you to submit the Cancellation Request as soon as you are sure so that you do not lose your opportunity for a refund as well as provide us the opportunity to fill the spot.

Two of the players in our group are seniors. Is there a discount available to them?

Perhaps. Throughout the year we will offer promotional pricing. Often times there is a senior discount available. You can review our rates here. If there is a senior discount available, there will be a minimum age qualifier. Be prepared to show proof of age at the golf shop. If you are not able to do so, then the prevailing rack rate will be charged.

I noticed that you are offering a senior discount. How do I take advantage of that with a pre-paid starting time reservation?

The short answer is that you cannot. As we are unable to verify the age of the actual golfer, this can only be done at the golf shop prior to tee off. Although it is not a rule, there will most likely not be a requirement to pre-pay for a starting time reservation when senior discounts are being offered.

Why is payment for my green fee and cart with a credit or debit card preferred?

In an effort to reduce the handling of cash in the post-COVID-19 era, we are attempting to limit the amount of cash that will need to be handled (incoming and outgoing). Most individuals prefer to make their purchases with a credit or debit card. We believe that this method will aid in the reduction of the spread of any virus or bacteria.

We are scheduled to play golf at your facility in a couple of days, but we have not pre-paid for the starting time reservation. What can we expect when we arrive?

Obviously, we will collect payment from you before you tee off. Practically speaking, you should plan to make sure that everyone in your group has arrived 20 minutes before your starting time. We expect that each person may choose to pay individually, but we can take payment from 1, 2, 3 or 4 individuals. However, be mindful that if there are discounts involved, whether it be promotions or GFCRD plans, the discount that is afforded to you will only be granted if you appear at the time of payment. In other words, if you want to pay for another golfer in your group, he or she does not need to appear at the golf shop window if the fee that you would be paying on his or her behalf is a published rack rate and not a promotional rate of some kind. Once we collect payment, we will provide you with a key(s) to the cart(s) and you will be able to load your bags and wait for the starter to advise you when you can proceed to the 1st tee. Please take into account any other activities that you plan on engaging in prior to playing golf such as practice putting and food & beverage purchasing when allocating time.

During the COVID-19 Re-Opening Phase your food and beverage operations were closed. We brought our own. Now that the restrictions on golf courses have been lifted can we continue to bring our own food and bev?

When you play golf at our facility, we want you to enjoy yourself. When we were unable to provide you with drinks, snacks, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc., we did not prevent you from bringing your own. At this time, we are now able to provide hot dogs, beer, non-alcoholic bottled drinks, and snacks once again. While we are not open to serve our normal menu inside, we are able to provide nearly all of the items that we had in the past for consumption on the golf course. So, unfortunately, we ask that you stop by the restaurant window for take-out that you can bring with you on to the golf course. If you wish to bring a cooler, please only stock it with water. Thank you in advance for patronizing our restaurant as it is an integral part of our operation.

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