Welcome to the online home of The Women's Golf Association at Buena Vista Country Club. If you would like to make an inquiry, you can contact the WGA via e-mail : bvccwga@allforeclub.com.


The WGA has been meeting, for competitive golf and great camaraderie, Tuesday mornings at 9 am, from April through October, for more than 50 years. It is open to women golfers of all playing abilities.

The Women's Golf Association is a tight knit group that encourages participation from its members. Throughout the season, in addition to the actual golf competition, there are other facets to this functioning body--membership, publicity, SJGA representative, tournament scheduling, and others. As a result of the hard work and dedication of many WGA members, it is a highly enjoyable and satisfying experience for all.

If you are looking for a warm and friendly group with which to play golf and socialize, you should consider joining the WGA at Buena Vista Country Club.


Membership dues in the amount of $60 provides a WGA member with eligibility for all regular and championship tournaments, as well as prizes, the Opening Season Luncheon, the Stagette, and the Annual End-of-Season Awards Luncheon.

The cost of GHIN Handicap computation services ("GHIN"), as well as greens fee and cart rental, are the responsibility of the player. The cost of GHIN is reduced for WGA members.

Yet another benefit of joining the WGA is the ability to play golf at BVCC, when not playing in a WGA tournament, for a reduced rate at select times from Monday thru Friday, during the WGA golf season.


As a member of the WGA, you can count on a full season of events. The season runs from early April and concludes in late October. There are a variety of individual and partner tournaments each week including an annual Gross Play Championship and a Match Play/Handicap Championship. Most tournaments are net score play for 18 holes. Playing groups are determined by a draw the morning of play.

Each of the WGA tournaments held at BVCC follows the USGA Rules of Golf. A USGA Handicap Index is required when competing in all net events. A player can post scores in the Golf Shop or on-line after each round.

Members can also participate in the South Jersey Golf Association Inter-club Team Matches and in tournaments sponsored by the SJGA.


Your guests are welcome at all times, except when noted on the tournament calendar. Guests will play with you in your group determined by the member's draw. A guest is not eligible for tournament points and cannot participate in team events.

Dress Code

All members are to dress tastefully in attire appropriate for the golf course--short shorts, halter tops and tight fitting apparel or the "no bra" look are considered inappropriate.

Ringer Board

The Ringer Board is a record of scores made by the members throughout the season. It can be found on the Bulletin Board at the beginning of the season. On the first line, record your gross (unadjusted) score from your first 18-Hole round of the season. Each week enter any changes to your gross score on the second line. Continue each week through the entire season. The first line should remain unchanged.

A prize will be awarded to the player who has the greatest percentage of change in her 18-Hole score, from April through October.

Birdie Tree

Each time you make a birdie, place the information (hole number and date) on the birdie sheet. The Birdie Chairperson will add your name to the bird houses in the locker room. An award for birdies will be given at the Annual Awards Banquet in October.

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